Salt and Shimmer

Statement Jewelry

For that final touch to elevate any outfit, a well-chosen statement piece can tip the scales to transition a look from ‘fine’ to ‘fabulous’. If you’re wondering exactly how to wear statement pieces and style them seamlessly into an outfit, one of my approaches is to go classic with everything else and allow the statement jewelry to really shine on its own. 

With this look, I found my style solution by using statement pieces to act as strong accents against a neutral palette. The vibrant neon gems of the statement necklace are contrasted by the delicate white crop top, and the bright bangles function in a similar fashion. By pairing the statement necklace with a black and white look, it doesn’t have to compete with anything else. 

Photoshoot location – On The Rocks

For the ideal setting to capture this look, we ventured onto the rocks of Whytecliff Park Beach in beautiful West Vancouver.

‘On the rocks’… there’s something so classic about these 3 words. Like James Bond ordering a double bourbon,  the whole thing sounds very timeless. And when it comes to classic and timeless, a clean black and white combo makes for a slick entrance – or exit.

The B&W pairing – with some details (lace and pleats), acts as a canvas for the neon baubles and statement jewelry to really pop. 

Salt and ShimmerSalt and ShimmerSalt and Shimmer

Here’s a closer look at the neon accents I picked.

Salt and ShimmerSalt and Shimmer

And a few bright statement pieces for you to check out too:

For some more helpful guidance on how you can style and play with statement necklaces have a look at this guide here from Happiness Boutique with helpful tips on how to wear them.

And finally, I figured a B&W look would be best finished off with a classic black pump – and a twist. The big buckle and wrap straps make it a fun pair to wear!

Salt and ShimmerSalt and Shimmer

Round it all up together, and I’m ready for a fun night out! Pass me my bevvy on the rocks please! 😉

Salt and ShimmerSalt and ShimmerSalt and ShimmerSalt and Shimmer

Photography by Randy Ordinario, Make up and Hair by Kim Diane Tran.

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