Mango Style

I never knew what the seasons were as a child.

Well, not the way I do now at least. Living 10 degrees north of the equator in a tropical climate we had two distinct weather periods – rainy and dry. I was only introduced to life with four seasons in the more recent years. So you can imagine my excitement when meeting nature’s confetti of snowflakes in the winter and the stunning shades of fall in the months leading up to it.

It’s this enthusiasm that reared its head when I walked past this ivy wall. A kaleidoscope of greens, oranges, pinks and reds – I was simply itching to capture it in photos.

Leather Mini Skirt

Blush Mango Blouse

Leather and Blush

Picking up the pink hue in some of the leaves is this light and airy blush blouse, contrasted with a bolder leather mini skirt on the bottom half (and since leather works nicely as an outer layer as well, I threw on the leather jacket).

Leather outfitLeather jacket

Classic pumps

These timeless colour block pumps have just the right amount of height not to be at risk of wobbly moments if exposed to concrete and street.

Zara pumpsFall fashionBlack leather mini skirt


Then linking it all together is this Nicole Lee crossbody purse, which I think is perfect for all seasons.

Nicole Lee Purse

Artistic Ivy Wall

Photography: Reese Muntean

Pink blouse – Mango

Black leather mini skirt – H&M

Colour block pumps – Zara

Crossbody purse – Nicole Lee