Sanuk Summer Look - Sailaway 2 Fray in Blue

Well yes, I’m addicted.

Got an insatiable thing for beachy blues and inhaling that salty air. Lucky for me, Vancouver has its fair share of ocean access and plenty of aqua-hued places to explore, especially in the summer months. 

Sanuk Summer look

This particular stretch of Sunset Beach, conveniently punctuated with a series of logs (superb replacement for beach chairs, dontcha think!) becomes beautifully lit when the sun starts to dip. It’s a spot right on the mouth of False Creek, and I figured it was also the perfect stomping ground to give my very first pair of Sanuk shoes a go. 

Sanuk Sailaway Summer Style

Sanuk Summer

Sanuk Summer

Sanuk Summer

Sanuk Summer Style

I was pumped when Sanuk sent me this fun pair. Not only are they my first pair of Sanuks, but they’re also my very first boat shoes ever. Plus, something about owning them just screamed #dreamyyachtlife to me.

Sailor-girl musings aside, these are called ‘Sailaway 2 Fray’ and are from Sanuk‘s La Playa Collection. Easy to slip on – or off – they permit endless frolicking barefoot in the sand and sea-foam. I chose slate blue and the distressed canvas produces a washed look that makes them homey in the best way possible, and also makes them seem ready to be exploration gear for summertime exploits. I daresay – Sanuk and Summer make a good combo.

Sanuk Summer

Sanuk Summer


Shoes: Sanuk, Skirt: Forever 21Watch: Michael Kors,

Crossbody Purse: Urban Expressions



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