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Bucket List Destinations

When you pull out your bucket list of lifetime travel dream spots, what’s on there?

But maybe you’d choose to bask in the sun from the deck of a private bungalow atop a breathtakingly blue Bora Bora lagoon.  Or, perhaps you’d choose to watch the green fluorescence of the Aurora Borealis from a cozy Finnish glass igloo. These are some plucked from my personal list, but for this post I have something else in mind, and it involves flowers – lots of them (a field to be exact).

I wasn’t fussed about the type either. It could be French Lavender, or Chinese Canola, or anything really. I was just set on the idea of an entire field… of flowers. Mmm… dreamy, right? Who needs Valentine’s Day when you have a field!

So about a year ago I set about making this floral fantasy a reality. I had come across a few stunning photos of the tulip fields across the border in Skagit, Washington and vowed to make it there whenever the next blooming season was. Some quick googling later I sadly discovered that I had just missed the annual tulip season. But I would not be deterred. I would wait a year if I had to (not like I had much choice anyway, haha). I then set about bamboozling my friend Reese into what I hoped sounded like the tulip adventure of her LIFE. Luckily, she has a nose for fun road trips and photo-ops and climbed on board the tulip train. But we didn’t do it totally alone. With the help of our handy guide Andy Porter, a landscape photographer who offers a variety of outdoor photo tours (see here for tour info), we scouted some of what we thought were the most delightful tulips and created what I hope are some superbly dreamy scenes. Andy also helped with some fun behind-the-scenes tidbits which I hope to share in another post.

Backless Maxi DressMuddy tulip field

Tulip field at sunrise

Let me tell you I was in my glee making this into a reality. I absolutely love the shots Reese got. To create these images, we committed to an early bird approach and got our bums out the door in the vicinity of 5:00am. There are few things I am okay getting up early for, and frolicking in acres of fresh flowers in good company is definitely one of them. That early in the morning, the light also changes super quickly, so you’ll see a variety of dark to light in the photos as well. On top of which, I couldn’t stop at just one outfit for this tulip frenzy. So I’ve created what I’m calling THE TULIP SERIES – a series of posts from various tulip fields (yes, I loved it so much I went to more than one field) that I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks.

Forever 21 dressTulip fields

Pink Maxi

In the meantime, I bring you pink at sunrise. This look is pink and feminine, with flowing pleated chiffon. It’s hard to choose a piece that can hold its own in the midst of so many stunning fresh flowers, but when I set my eyes on this ombre maxi dress, I knew it was exactly what I was hoping to find. The lightness of the material makes it wonderfully comfy to wear and also elegant enough to prance around in among the tulip rows as the sun comes up. So I hope you enjoy this first window into our little tulip adventure. And just maybe, these pictures might inspire you to add a flower field onto your travel bucket list too.

Photography: Reese Muntean

More maxi dresses

Inspired by these tulip beauties, I’ve also compiled some pretty maxis that are fit for tulip fields, a stunning sunrise, or your own personal dream destination.

Dream destination tulip fieldPink maxi dress Classy Maxi Dress Salt and Shimmer - The Tulip Series - Pink at Sunrise - Skagit tulip fields Maxi dress pleats Sunrise in tulip field

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