Feisty FeastFeisty Feast Vancouver

Feisty Feast describes itself as “A unique gathering uniting and empowering women through the feminine spirit. ” Sounded like a fab way for me to spend my Saturday night – in the company of awesome ladies and some banging food.

This dinner series, hosted by Julia Khan Anselmo did not disappoint.
Feisty Feast Feisty Feast Vancouver

There were multiple courses, made with love,  from grilled peaches to pomegranate-sprinkled roasted eggplant, to a crunchy purple waldorf. In case you’d like to try whipping up some of these yourself, the eggplant, waldorf and paella (scroll down to see) were sourced from the cookbook Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi.

Feisty Feast VancouverFeisty Feast Feisty Feast Feisty Feast

Doesn’t it all look so vibrant and like a page out of a magazine? That paella hit the spot and I definitely went back for a second helping! The cooks didn’t spare any effort to make sure our tummies were well nourished with fresh, hearty ingredients.

Feisty FeastFeisty Feast Feisty feast Feisty Feast Feisty FeastFeisty Feast

Dessert was prepared by Coco et Olive – an orange hazelnut cake of delightfully moist proportions.
Feisty Feast Feisty Feast

Special guests, Charlotte and Sophena Kwon of the Maiwa store and Foundation, shared their tale of the textile journey their business has followed since inception, and their goals to support naturally dyed textiles and local artisans. As pigment ever changes the fabric it touches, they too are leaving their mark on the textile world.

All in all, an inspirational – and feisty – evening.
Feisty Feast Feisty Feast Feisty Feast Feisty Feast Feisty Feast Feisty Feast Feisty Feast Feisty Feast Feisty Feast

To check out the Plenty cookbook and potentially have a feast yourself, click here: (Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi)

For Feisty Feast: Website here

For Maiwa: Website here

As for my new do, I must thank ‘Hair by Carver’

The 2 feature portrait photos are by Britney Gill Photography. All other photos are Salt and Shimmer originals.

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