Angelo Bissessarsingh History

Historian Angelo Bissessarsingh

Angelo Bissessarsingh is an anomaly. In a time when so many are sucked into the blindingly bright LCD screens of our latest use-and-replace gadget and the ‘what next’ that permeates the common thought process, he is digging in the opposite direction – the past. A historian with an active Facebook tribe (Angelo Bissessarsingh’s Virtual Museum of Trinidad and Tobago), his fascination with finding and sharing vivid stories from T&T’s history has built him a reputation. 

Angelo Bissessarsingh History

Snapshots of the history of Trinidad and Tobago

Today Angelo launched his second book:  A Walk Through Time: Snapshots of the History of Trinidad and Tobago, while surrounded by an audience of esteemed academics, dedicated teammates who helped bring the book to life, supporters and even Trinidad and Tobago’s President – Anthony Carmona.

President Anthony CarmonaAngelo Bissessarsingh Book Signing

Angelo’s Legacy

Perhaps equally compelling as the content of Angelo’s published works is his own story. Tragically, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Despite this, he has persevered with the support of many and now has two books which will serve to keep his legacy alive and drive knowledge of the past into another direction – the future.  Angelo asks that each one of us play a role in the longevity of historical discovery and knowledge. Together we can all contribute to the conservation and sharing of the rich history that has led to what we know as ‘today’. In short – let’s collectively keep this work going. We look forward to book three Angelo! 

Angelo Bissessarsingh Angelo Bissessarsingh Book West Mall Book Launch

Angelo Bissessarsingh’s books are available at Nigel R Khan Booksellers.

6 Responses to “Snapshots of the History of Trinidad and Tobago”

  • I am looking for information about the history of the Montano House in San Fernando. St. Joseph’s Convent used the house as its school and I taught as Senior Mistressw in Geography for a few years. I am aware through you that there is an older and romantic story attached to its first owner,( Later Lord Glencconnerr) and it carried a very nice name., which I cannot recall. I bought your book at Khan’s bookshop on Queen Street butt unfortunately it does not obtain notes on Great Houses. I am also interested in anything you might have on the Maillard Great House in Petit Valley which was later purchased by my grandmother Soogie Capildeo. Help!!

    • Hello Savi. Thank you for sharing your question. If you’d like to direct your query to Angelo, please do so on his Facbeook group here. Thank you and good luck with your search! Do let us know if you find the answers you are looking for!

  • I am the proud aunt of this wonderful guy Angelo.who is truly a role model to youths in.our beloved country.of T&T

  • My husband and I ( born in Trinidad, October 2nd, 1953) are travelling to Tobago Dec. 14th, 2016 – Feb. 14, 2017. My father, George Lionel Clarke, was born and raised in Trinidad. At the age of 18, he ventured to Canada to complete his medical degree. ( around 1948)
    I will order your book from Nigel R Khan Booksellers in the Gulf City Mall when I arrive on the Island.
    My Daughter along with my 9 nieces and nephews are interested in our ‘Trinidadian’ roots.
    I would appreciate any help that you could give me on details of my grandfather, Joseph Clarke married to Linda Viera. Joseph Clarke was a Superintendent of Schools in Trinidad; his father’s name was Joseph Elijah Clarke.