Every closet needs to have the wardrobe essentials. Why? Because having style staples is the best way to throw together any outfit at any time. This is especially true when you’re stressed about finding something to wear. The point of having certain wardrobe essentials is to be able to have those go-to pieces that will never let you down. These types of pieces are classics. They’ll transition with you through the trends, and they’ll always add a timeless appeal to your outfit. Some things just never go out of style.

Take a look at your closet today and see if you can check off each of these wardrobe staples. You’ll be glad you did!

Wardrobe staple - stappy heel


Every woman needs a trusty pair of heels in her arsenal of style. A strappy, open-toe heel is a must-have for almost any summer outfit and when it comes to the biggest footwear staple, a nude or black pump is a must. No wardrobe is complete without it and Lyst calls black pumps a shoe that every French girl has in her closet. They are just timelessly chic.

Wardrobe staple - wristlet


Although every fashionista might have her favourite handbag, you don’t want to be lugging around a giant valise when you go out at night. That’s why a wristlet is a must—it’s convenient, compact, and stylish. A great, neutral-coloured wristlet or fun colour pop will last you a lifetime.

Wardrobe staple - cape

Classic Coat or Cape

Traditional pieces never go out of style, and that’s why you need some classic outerwear. When in doubt, throw on a classic trench coat or a cute cape, and you’ll never feel like you don’t have a jacket that goes with your outfit. Cheat Sheet shows you seven great styles of classic jackets in case you’re still missing your perfect parka.

Wardrobe staple - blazer


Whether you work in an office or not a quality blazer is one of those items that will serve you well in more instances than you think. Not only is it a go-to for job interviews, but it also looks amazing layers over a casual tee and skinny jeans. You can dress up a blazer or dress it down, and that’s what makes it a traditional style you should never have to live without.

Wardrobe staple

Comfy Jeans

Speaking of things you should never have to live without, a comfy pair of jeans tops the list. I’m not talking about those skin-tight jeans you can’t wait to unbutton after a big meal—I’m talking about the jeans that move with you and never let you down. They’re basic, but they’re perfect. Once you find a pair of jeans that fits you well, you never let them go.

Wardrobe staple accessories

Statement Accessories

To complement your tried-and-true staples, statement accessories are the cherry on the top. You can instantly change up the style of each item with the addition of a gorgeous watch or a fun beach hat. Other statement accessories include printed shoes and colourful or big jewellery. For some styling tips check out Better Home & Garden’s Do’s and Don’ts for ideas on statement necklaces. The possibilities are endless when you have staple pieces just waiting to be transformed!

Wardrobe essential hat


This Guest Post was a collaboration between Salt and Shimmer and Carly Douglas. Salt and Shimmer identified the picks for wardrobe essential pieces, and Carly applied her writing skills to bring this to life.  Carly Douglas is a fashion blogger living in Toronto who enjoys traveling to warmer climates, following the latest trends, and making the most of her shopping trips.