Beach bodysuit

Bodysuit turned beach bodysuit

Wanting something different than an itty bikini this time around, I found an alternative way to wear my black (made-for-dry-weather) bodysuit, and turned it into a beach bodysuit for the day. Originally purchased with on-land conditions in mind, this bodysuit was first broken in at Ultra Music Festival – but I threw it into the deep end (literally) and the outcome shows just how diverse it can be!

Black bodysuitBeach monokini

The low V-shaped back, along with sheer mesh panels in the front of the bodysuit help keep the design airy enough to wear in the blazing Caribbean sunshine, and also double as beautiful design details. The suit functioned like a fashionable monoki would – a nice balance of coverage over the tummy yet still sophisticated via the shiny black panels and even a bit cheeky too! It handled the water well, and to my pleasant surprise, it dried super fast after venturing into the waves. Shows that a little closet re-purposing can come in handy to maximise options!

Black Sheer BodysuitBackless Bodysuit

Beach essentials

Off I went, rediscovering some of my favourite island spots with one of my longtime besties and a big beach bag packed with essentials for our seaside excursion. I packed a roomy beach tote by Nicole Lee that does a nice job of being large enough to fit what you’d need for a day trip. 

Beach BagNicole Lee Beach BagBeach Tote Bag

Macqueripe Bay

We made our way to a scenic corner of Trinidad that I hadn’t seen in years. Macqueripe Bay is a beautifully green beach spot, guarded from civilization by a a tower of lush vegetation. This is a tropical destination worth exploring if you’re looking for an easy-to-access beach that still provides a faraway feel once you’ve left the parking lot.

Tropical Beach DestinationBeach Sunlight

One of the best times to venture into this Bay is in time to catch the sun setting. The light works it’s way over the water and into the crevices of the cove. Between the water and the last of that day’s light rays, you bathe in something beautiful.

Beach Travel DestinationCaribbean Beach

Beach tote – Nicole Lee USA